Can’t sleep…

… so, here’s a post of some random updates.

*My nails have grown strong again and I love them. Stopping the soda helped.

*I feel like my body is changing shape again. No, I’m not some sort of alien… I just mean the ratio of muscle to fat (or something like that). I’ve been working on eating healthier lately.

*Girlfriend’s birthday is coming up, and I am looking forward to seeing her. We had plans last weekend, but I cancelled because the weather was poor. I feel like I let down my rainbow sisters and brothers b/c we were actually going to go to a random pride thing for the first time in forever. Oops.

*I’m tired often. It’s not illness fatigue like I talked about a few months ago. No, this is omg, I miss sleep. It is a privilege to be able to complain about this. And being harassed on a near-daily basis during my commute. And sometimes not having a seat on public transport. And some nasty lady gave me shit for changing in the curtained changing area at the gym. What? Really? Yes, really.

*Although my style is easily summarized as femme but not full-on lipstick, hair done, wearing heels femme, I have been wearing my now-shorter hair up & bought guys workout shirts because the women’s didn’t fit. Also, you know, weight gain means superboobs, and those really aren’t for show. I don’t mind looking cute, but guys at the gym can be weird sometimes. They posture. I ignore.

*But, I’ve noticed, when I do little changes- deliberately not falling within expectations, I am treated differently. So, there’s that. I don’t wear heels firstly because I don’t like them, and secondly, because I couldn’t even if I wanted to! I wear my hair up & not fluffy because sometimes I don’t feel fluffy.