A Craptastic Day…


It started off pretty well. I woke up early, lazed around because it’s Sunday. …had breakfast- unremarkable. Sat down for a little while to let my stomach settle. (Sometimes I have stomach issues after breakfast. It’s gone on for years.) Then, I decided to go out… and I ended up messing up someone else’s car in the process.

I don’t want to get into too much detail, on the off chance that any real-life contacts read this, so please forgive the relative vagueness. But, I was driving, and I hit something that seemed smaller than it was, and it messed up the car. I don’t know how badly yet, but my heart aches with guilt. That’s really the part that I need to release.

I felt so horrible, friends. I cried all day. I’ve yet to be forgiven for my mishap, if forgiveness comes. I called Girlfriend, who always has opinions when it comes to my fragile emotions, and she attempted to cheer me up. But, I was insistent on the emotional flagellation, and it continues well into this late night.

I may take this down, as it’s not my usual fare, but I just need to let it out somewhere where it can breathe and not bother me for a while. Thanks for reading.



5 thoughts on “A Craptastic Day…

  1. Hugs. Don’t beat yourself up. Sh*t happens and so does life … As long as you had no malicious intent you should not worry. Do the best to remedy the situation, control what you can and move on not letting this situation drag you down any further than it already has. Peace. ❤

    • Hugs, thanks! This really meant a lot. I’m glad you wrote because, of course, I do wonder if the surgical menopause factors in, or if I would feel this way regardless. I’m thinking the latter, but interesting nonetheless. You are awesome for responding so soon. I will probably need to read this more than once.

  2. Shit happens, and yes as long as it wasn’t malicious you don’t have anything to feel guilty about. Just make sure you do your best to put it right if you can and forgive yourself

    • (((More hugs))) I really appreciate this. I’ve been reading yours multiple times as well. Your point about self-forgiveness is a good one. I take things to heart sometimes, and I don’t know if the menopause is affecting my emotions or not with this. It’s good to hear words of encouragement. Thanks 🙂

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