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1 You’re gonna do WHAT with that?

I need a colonoscopy… and it’s coming up soon. I am mostly ok with it- not looking forward to it, but it will be nice to have the results.


2 MMM cookies!

I got “fat”. Please, let me call it what it is. Everyone irl has been sparing my feelings, which is nice, but a weight gain of about 15 lbs makes me feel fat. After everything I’ve been through, I’ve earned the right to just blurt it out, I think.

And why did I get fat? Well, I can now eat things I couldn’t eat before, and that is awesome. At least, that *may* be part of it. The other part is me trying to figure out the ins and outs of surgical menopause, which isn’t easy.


One of many exasperating, but not painful, symptoms.

But on the bright side, there’s this:


Yes, I am referencing actual dairy-based ice cream! I can eat it now! It turns out, the problems I experienced were due to my malfunctioning gallbladder! That’s pretty much all I’ve tried, but I’m looking forward to trying other former problem foods.



Yay! No more periods!

Boo! Surgical menopause is almost exactly like PMS (for me), but without the pain.

I’ve been cooking and eating, so there will be more of those types of posts on the way. But, I might not get to it until after the exam, for obvious reasons.


Take care! 🙂


3 thoughts on “More This & That

  1. Man, you’re going through so much! I heard colonoscopies aren’t that bad (my friend had a couple).
    Enjoy being able to eat all the food then! And while I understand your feelings about the lbs, you deserve to enjoy food and wait until your body settles to worry about it.

    • Aw, thanks! You are too kind. I feel so huge! But I reached for a donut in your honor today, lol 😉 (Since I won’t be able to eat anything solid for the prep)

      I heard the same thing about the colonoscopy. I think I would’ve been far more concerned if it had been scheduled prior to the surgeries. As it stands, I’m kinda like ‘meh, ok’, lol.

      It’s amazing how quickly you get numb to this kind of stuff. But all in all, I feel so much better, so don’t worry too much 🙂

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