Blueberry Muffins: First Try!


I’m slowly getting back into my groove. This is the first baking I’ve done in a while, excluding the boxed cake I mentioned a while back.

I’d never actually made blueberry muffins from scratch before. This recipe was quick and easy. I liked that. The muffin tops were flat because I’d tried a commenter’s suggestion to add sugar to the top mid-bake. Um, no. Don’t bother. I much rather would have tall muffins instead of the little bit of extra sugar. Live and learn.

Otherwise, the muffins are moist and chewy, and are now half-gone. So, it was a success. Next time, I’m thinking of trying a different recipe to see how they compare.

Enjoy! πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Blueberry Muffins: First Try!

  1. They look good! And I don’t think that they really look much flatter than the other persons… Just a thought, if they were a little flatter, I doubt that it was the sugar topping that did it. Next time, try sprinkling the sugar on before putting them in the oven. When we open the oven door too early in the baking process, a lot of heat escapes and can affect the rise of the baked good.

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