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I can’t even imagine how my life is going to change without me needing gigantic purses.

I am a purse-wearing person. Even if I wasn’t, I really had no choice but to be. It would’ve been either that, or me carrying around a rather large tote bag or something.

When it came time for a real purse, rather than one to play with, I had no choice but to go giant. So, part of my personal style had always been to have a large purse. I admired the 5″x7″ ish styles, with their sleek design and crossbody straps, but I could never manage to fit all of my products, the associated cramp pills, allergy medicine, and whatever else a girl might find handy into them. It just did not work. And now…

I spent today temporarily putting away my “carpet bags”, and pulled out a few smaller options. Occasionally, I would be gifted these adorable little bags, which I had limited use for. Sometimes, I could re-purpose them to hold needed items within my purses. Now that I can see at least the hope of a light beyond the tunnel, I have them out as my reward. Once things calm down, I am looking forward to having a cute purse to hold less stuff. I can’t even imagine what it will be like not to have ~10lbs of weight burdening my shoulders. The freedom is both practical and metaphoric.



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  1. I decided last year that enough was enough and got myself a small handbag. I did love it, even though IUi had to carry my lunch separately. But the bag broke, and I went back to purszilla…
    It is liberating and so much better for the shoulders to have a small bag though

    • Pursezilla, lol, yes! šŸ˜€ I understand about the lunch thing. It’s nice to be able to fit things like a small umbrella or sunglass case or whatever within the bag itself. I don’t know if or how I will adjust because I’ve so rarely used small bags. But you’re right, I’m sure older-me would be happier if I can successfully change it up.

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