Surgery Snippets: Recovery

Last month I ended up having a pretty complex surgery. Most of my abdominal parts were affected. But, I’m happy to report so far, so good on the recovery front! While I’m recovering, I figured I’d start off with a few random observations I’ve accumulated so far:

Surgery= from adult to Muppet Baby faster than you can say “Meep”.


Getting out of bed: The first thing I had to re-learn was getting out of bed. You’d think, as an adult, you’ve mastered the fine art of getting into and out of a bed. Well, ha ha, no. Not so much. For the first little while, I basically could not get out of bed by myself. Then, I had to follow a specific set of directions. Now, I mostly rely on elbow and arm power.

Walking: Then came walking. Really, all I had to learn here was to take it very, very slowly, and remember to keep my head at eye level. At first, I used a pillow to hold against my stomach. I don’t know why this works, but it does. Walking was very, very hard for a while, but now, I can compete with the best toddlers!

Stairs: You cannot walk up and down stairs like an adult. Ok, at least I couldn’t. I had to re-learn the kid’s way of taking stairs- arm on rail, one foot, keep it there, second foot. It takes twice as long, and now that I’m doing better, it’s enormously frustrating. But, you heal better when things don’t pull, and this method helps with that.

Patience: See above. Once I started feeling a little better, I became impatient. Yet, I am still in pain, and still in danger of messing things up if I go too fast. Also, naps happen. You may not want them to, but they do, and often after things you would not think would tire you out. So, taking it slowly is really key.

Food: For the first few weeks, I was living on jello, water ice, juice, cream of wheat, water, broth, and eventually protein drinks. Obviously, I lost weight, and not in the good way. But, once I got to the protein drinks, at least that leveled off some. Sure, many women wouldn’t be unhappy with a loss of a few pounds, but when I lose, I prefer to do so the healthy way. Once I was allowed solid foods, I concentrated on protein-filled choices, like hummus. This worked out well for both healing and digestion, as smaller meals are better for now, anyway. Any time I’ve overdone it, I’ve known. But, boy it’s great to be able to eat again!


…And now, it’s time to take a nap. See you soon! 🙂




8 thoughts on “Surgery Snippets: Recovery

  1. Good grief, that sounds awful for you–so sorry you needed surgery, but glad you’re recovering well. And yes, don’t neglect those naps!

  2. I’m glad your recovery is going well. When you think about it surgery is such a traumatic and barbaric thing for your body to go through.
    Enjoy the food and your nap 😉

    • Thanks! Yes, you are so right, & I think it’s one of those things the mind tries to tuck away. Trust me, if there was any other way, I would’ve found it! Good food, good naps, and good cheer help immensely! I have so much more to say about the surgery stuff, but it will probably take a few posts to get it all out.

  3. Ohmygosh, I feel you on the walking slowly and climbing stairs like a child! I resumed work a week after surgery, and someone asked, “Why are you walking like an aging grandma?”

  4. The stairs! That was the second most frustrating thing; handrail, step one foot then the other. Grrr. I missed my bed so much the first 3 or 4 days post-op. All because of the stairs. At least it gets easier. 🐻

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