Things I’ve learned about blogging

In honor of my 4th anniversary of this blog, I thought I’d get a little meta and share some things I’ve learned.

Be flexible with your vision: I started out with a very clear idea in mind- I was going to write about my food allergies. But, I found that after a while, it was more fun to post the creative ways I’ve dealt with them. Then, I realized that I didn’t have much to say in the summer, recipe-wise, so I started writing about my garden. As much as I’d like to maintain a singular vision, at this point, I’m really trying to open myself up to write about whatever inspires me.

It’s nice to properly cite: In fact, it’s one of my pet peeves. I try hard to link back to source material whenever possible. I’m old-school that way: I believe creators should get credit for their creations.

Redesigns are fun but hard: I spruced up the blog once so far, and it was harder than I’d imagined- mostly because I’m very picky about my vision. As it turned out, the redesign was in the same palette as the first version, so there’s that…

Blogging can provide a sense of community: Of course, real-life friends and family are essential, but sometimes you need to talk to someone outside of the situation. Or, maybe, you are the only one in your circle of friends with a specific hobby. Blogging, for me, has been a really nice way to talk to some cool people. Conversely, watch out for oddballs, because they pop up, too.

Blogging should be fun. I like to write, but needed an outlet where there was no pressure. Keeping the blog small, while it grew, has been helpful for me in continuing to enjoy it.

Happy writing! 🙂


4 Year Bloggerversary!


Happy Anniversary with!
You registered on 4 years ago.
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!

Isn’t this neat? What a long, strange trip it’s been. I have plenty of observations, but I’ll save them for when I have a little more time. Happy writing! 🙂


Spring Cleaning


Cooking and cleaning have not been high on my list of priorities, due to some health issues I’ve been experiencing.

While researching possible scenarios, I kept seeing things like, “Make sure you vacuum and do your laundry beforehand!”, “Clean the house ahead of time!”. It all read so terribly sexist to me- as if women don’t have anyone else to help them out. It also short-staffs the people in these women’s lives- either assuming they don’t help out regularly, or that they wouldn’t step up to help when needed.

Girlfriend does not live with me, I have a terrific support network, and I’m aware enough of gender bias to be writing about it, yet… I wanted to clean by myself. I attribute it to a confluence of spring fever, PMS, and worry. I hate to even mention the PMS, as it tends to scare people away, but it is definitely there. As for the worry, well, with the fixing of the problems comes the uncertainty of the afterwards, but a nice side effect of this is that physical activity can be great stress relief.

But, have you ever tried to do something you normally do when your body isn’t quite where it should be? It was almost laughable- tasks that took me half a day ended up taking an entire one. Things that had been no problem in the past had to be split up over the course of several days. Annoying, to say the least, but also eye-opening. One of the hardest things for me has been dealing with the wackiness of things not working like they used to, and being unable to predict when, exactly, that might happen. As a formerly somewhat active person, I have also berated myself for “being lazy”, enough though the weirdness I’m experiencing is enough to impress even the most experienced of doctors.

I’m sorry about being a little vague… but even writing this much is hard for me emotionally right now. It’s easier to tell you about the practical aspects, the more personal struggle of “why can’t I do this thing I’ve always done?”, which is ultimately more of an issue that readers actually can help with, anyway.