Dressed for Success


What I would prefer to wear if I didn’t care about other people’s opinions so much. Still not goth.

In other news, I am trying to decide on a dress for an upcoming wedding. I have a few dresses in my closet, and I guess I’ve mostly decided, though it’s not set in stone or anything.

I was in two weddings several years ago, and still have the dresses from both. I also have a couple of formal dresses- a spectacular gold number too fancy for a guest’s dress, and a long black gown that would’ve been perfect, if not for the fact that it’s two sizes too small.

My first choice was one of the bridesmaid dresses- beautiful, yet conservative, with a couple of flowing parts, but not so many as to put people off. The first time I wore this dress, I was chastised for wanting to wear red nails with it. I was told this was “too goth”. We had a “nail-painting party” the night before, which was meant to be a diversion from my having free will and all. “Bridezilla” much?

The second time I wore it for a less uptight couple. For that wedding, I wore dark green nails that matched the dress perfectly. I even sported an updo, and I was happy. So, that was my go-to for this wedding, but since it was vetoed, right now, I’m looking at something like this, but in a different color scheme:


It is simple and cute, but more importantly, it fits. Though, yet again, with the “goth” comments, when I mention my choice of accessories (black tights to match the black & ecru dress & ballet/dance shoes). This outfit couldn’t be goth even if I tried.

I guess, as a creative person, I tend to work off a different set of standards than many women. Add to that my desire for comfort, among other things, and I think I just have a different aesthetic. Although, my aesthetic matches my close friends’ perfectly, so at least there’s that.

What I really want to do is wear a pair of crazy mesh knee highs or something, but there’s that caring thing again…





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