Shingles Happened

I apologize for popping out on you again, but, as you can see, I got the shingles.


No, not that kind.

As far as the bigger picture is concerned, I am wondering if you would like to read about things other than food and gardening. While gardening season will soon be upon us, my recipe offerings of late have been few and far between.

So, longtime readers, please let me know? But for now, let’s talk about the shingles.

The shingles virus lays dormant in those who’ve had the chickenpox. It wakes up at some point during later adulthood, causing extreme pain and a rash with blisters that subsequently pop. It is not contagious in the usual sense, but if someone who has not had chickenpox comes in contact with fluid from the blisters, they will get chickenpox. There is all kinds of great information out there if you are interested. There is also a vaccine, but in the US, it is typically indicated for over-60s.

Apparently, one of the triggers for shingles is stress. I have been stressed out long before now. I guess the difference is that this time, I was run-down enough physically to let it in.


The pain comes first. It felt something like this on the outside:



This is an approximation of what it felt like from the inside:

gremlins bar


Then came the rash & blisters, which reminded me of this:

Although I did not spontaneously reproduce.


I caught it early on, and promptly took myself to a doctor.

My pain was so bad that I needed painkillers.


So, that’s how that went. (Source unknown.)



…More or less what it looked like.


Sometimes it felt like this:



I am halfway through Week 3, and it still feels like this:



But at least I can write! 🙂





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  1. Hope you’re all better from the shingles (AKA herpes Zoster) … I’m sure I’ll get them one day — it’s just a matter of time. Sorry your were in such pain. Hopefully all has resolved. Some people get lingering herpetic neuralgia — pain that lasts in the area after the actual shingles have healed and pain continues — horrible, horrible, horrible!

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