Thanksgiving Thoughts


I pretty much love all of the winter holidays… but isn’t Thanksgiving great? Food, fun & family- usually an entertaining combination.

I don’t post elaborate Thanksgiving recipes, which is my own sort of funny tradition, if you’d like to look at it that way. The truth is, my Thanksgiving meals are traditional fare. The only thing I don’t eat is the turkey. I only help with part of the meal, so there’s not a lot to tell.

We all have our own traditions. When I was a kid, we colored decorations and made “Indian” or “Pilgrim” hats to bring home from school. One year, there was even a costume contest! We make our special stuffing- which even I don’t have the recipe for, but the rest of the meal is prepared simply.

I grew up eating simply prepared food and still have a taste for it. We never got into casserole-baking or marshmallow potatoes. Instead, there are boiled carrots, mashed potatoes, corn & green beans from the can, and a lot of love. This year, kids came over and filled my heart with their noise and chaos, and it was delightful.

So, instead of beautiful recipes, I post moments of the beauty of life. The above picture is from “Garfield’s Thanksgiving”, which has a jazzy track by Lou Rawls, if you’re interested. It’s a cute story about the first time Jon celebrated Thanksgiving with Liz the Vet.

Hope you had a great one, too!





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