Decadent Improvised Garlic Bread

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While I was making the Cherry Tomato Sauce, I decided to make some garlic bread to go with it. This was prompted by the wonderful garlic smell that was emanating from the oven at the time, the fact that the bread was starting to stiffen, and the fact that there was so much leftover flavored olive oil from the sauce recipe.

Consequently, the times and temperatures- in fact, even the methods I used- were a little wonky. So bear with me. I wouldn’t be sharing this craziness if it didn’t result in something wonderful.



1. I cut the rolls in half.

2. I put a little olive oil in a small mixing bowl, and added a generous sprinkle of garlic powder, then dried basil and oregano, and finally a little dried parsley and stirred.

3. I dropped the slices in and stirred with a large spoon.

4. Then, I got some faux butter out, put a heaping soup spoon full in a microwave-safe bowl, and microwaved it until completely melted.

5. Then, I poured the butter onto the bread and stirred again.

6.Then, I lined a cake pan with foil & placed the bread inside, as shown.

7. The oven had been going on 400F for about 45mins at this point. I put the cake pan in the oven, turned off the oven, and attended to my tomatoes.

8. At that point, I saw all of the leftover seasoned tomato drippings & decided to use it on the bread. So, I took the bread out, dunked it in the juice, set the pieces in the lasagna pan, and put them back in the oven on broil/hi (electric) for 5mins- which was slightly too long.

  • Things I’d change:
    • Next time, I’d put them back in the cake pan. The bottom of the bread got soggy. Keep in mind, most of these pieces were intended to be leftovers, so re-heating them took care of it.
    • I also would tweak the time, the oven setting, or the rack placement.

9. This bread was actually even better as leftovers, because I could really bring out the desired crispy-ness.

Note: This is the kind of bread that you should really only savor one piece of at a time. I had three that first night. I could barely move afterwards. So delicious!


Enjoy! 🙂


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