Garden Update

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After not being totally sure how this little experiment would go, I am pleased to report that the marigolds have taken off. …So fulfilling to see! I have been trimming them- in fact, I trimmed them again, right after the pictures were taken, but I liked these pictures better. I even remembered to take pictures of the labels that were in the starter packs.

*Just a little FYI: I haven’t asked Google if, in fact, the labels and the plants match. So, if you like them and decide to try planting them, please check with a reputable gardener first to ensure you have the variety you want. This is my first year with them, and I’m learning as I go.

As far as the tomatoes… I had a little setback. I skipped their treatments a few times quite by accident, and the blight reared its ugly head again. I know the fungicide only keeps it at bay. So, yes, stopping the treatments, however unintentional, lead to a wild fungus party.

So, they got buzzcuts… again. But, they’re coming along, which I’m glad to see. To the untrained eye, they look spindly, which is why no picture this time around, but there are little baby leaves and baby ‘maters poking their little heads out. I expect them to return to being blog-worthy in the next few weeks or so.

Hope you are enjoying your summer! ๐Ÿ™‚


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