Garden Update

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Here is the garden after the tomatoes got their haircuts & the marigolds produced some more flowers. Even though the “sheared” tomato plants look a little silly right now, they’re coming along. I already see signs of new growth, which gives me great joy, let me tell you!

I’ve been vigilant about applying the anti-fungal treatment and am hoping it’s working. I will know more once the new growth comes in, but at least I’m getting some gorgeous little cherry tomatoes in the meantime.

The tomatoes are in various states of ripening because I usually pick them as soon as they start turning. This is to deter pests from getting at them before I can. I also have a few accidental trimming and caging casualties this time around. I’ve since given up on caging any branch already bearing fruit. I plan to just make little loops for them & secure those loops to the cage itself.

I wish I had a great recipe for you, but I keep eating them as soon as they ripen. There is nothing like a fresh tomato from the garden. Fantastic! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Garden Update

  1. Looks awesome! I’m jealous, I’ve only picked 2 red tomatoes so far. Your marigolds also have a lot more flowers than mine! My marigolds decided to grow several feet tall with tons of foliage but just one flower! 🙂 I should be more careful of the variety next year. Hope you produce a lot of delicious tomatoes!

  2. Thanks so much! I took a look at your garden- it’s absolutely fabulous! I love the boxes. I’ve never seen marigolds grow that tall- kind of amazing, actually! I don’t know if it makes a difference or not, but I bought my starts kind of late, so they already had quite a few blooms on them. The next time I’m out there, I will check on the variety.

    The tomatoes are indeterminate, so they pretty much started flowering once they hit about a foot or so. (They’re around 4ft now, and I think they’ve leveled off?) It’s still very much a learning experience. I’m just lucky to have such great followers to help out when I have questions.

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