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Although I picked off the yellow leaves featured in the previous tomato plant post, more came in. So far, I’ve fed the plants Garden-tone and have cut back on the watering. I took these pictures after it rained. Sorry they aren’t the greatest, but there’s at least one with a good, clean focus.

I’m now thinking it might be early signs of blight- you can see black spots now on the leaves. It’s no surprise- we’ve had tons of rain, heat, and humidity, which supposedly are ideal conditions for this nasty. I’ve read that picking them off and spraying them is the way to go. I’ve been picking them off just because they are unsightly, but my larger plants had this last year and it did them in. Everything I’ve read says basically prevention is key, but if I could control the weather, I obviously wouldn’t be having this problem.

I’m hoping to find a replacement fungicide that doesn’t break the bank, as I hadn’t really budgeted for crazy fungus problems, and only had a little left from last year.

…Well, it’s nice to dream. The store only had one fungicide that was safe for fruity plants, which is actually the same one that I just ran out of. So, I mixed that up and applied it to the plants. Meanwhile, I am enjoying the fruits of my labor for as long as they last.

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These marigolds were beautiful when I got them. I’m just hoping the buds start opening to replace the flowers that are dying off… and they are! Yay for that! I should probably post an updated picture…


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  1. Ah, yep – looks like an early blight, all right.Sounds like you’ve got it under control, but if you need it in the future, garlic is nature’s wonder fungicide/anti-bacterial agent. An easy all-purpose “safe for the plants and you too” mix is to take 2 cloves of garlic and one cup of water, blend it on a high speed (puree or liquify) and just spray or brush it on the leaves. It’ll kill anything that shouldn’t be there, while keeping everything else A-OK. Glad you’re starting to see the fruits of your labor, though!

    • Thanks so much for taking a look at this! 🙂 I know most people would rather be outside on a summer weekend than reading someone else’s tomato woes. I’ve bookmarked this post so I can refer to the spray recipe later. So much cheaper than fungicide! Plus, I *love* garlic!

  2. Oh, and feel free to snip off the dead marigold flowers with a pair of scissors or just rip them off with your hands. That’ll keep the plants from wastefully sending any further nutrients/energy to the dead ‘heads’ so you should theoretically see the new flowers appear much more quickly. Dying flowers are simply part of the plants’ cycle of making seeds and reproducing, so when you dead head the old flowers, it sends a signal to the plant that, “Oh, no! I need to make more flowers in order to reproduce!!!!” and it starts making more flowers. Plants, man. I just love them.

    • Thanks, also for this. You really are an encyclopedia of plant knowledge! 🙂 I’m really happy they came back. I mean, marigolds are cheap, but still, I like them a lot and they are pretty, so yeah…

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