Lowfat Rice, Beans, & Mushrooms


This picture was taken before I added the rice, to illustrate how the mushrooms absorb the bean juice.

My goal with this meal was to eliminate the oil/faux butter I usually use when I saute mushrooms. This ended up being one of my favorite versions of a classic, and it was so easy!

I used:

1 can black beans

1 package of button mushrooms

1 bag of boil-in-the-bag whole grain rice

Mrs. Dash

cutting board & knife

can opener

fry pan

big spoon


1. I followed the rice instructions on the box.

2. While the rice was cooking, I de-stemmed the mushrooms & saved the stems for a soup. Then, I put the sliced tops into the frying pan on medium & dumped the can of beans, WITHOUT DRAINING THEM, into the pan as well. The mushrooms soaked up the bean water, & I sprinkled everything with Mrs. Dash to taste.

3. When the rice was ready, I opened the little bag & dumped the rice into the pan & stirred.

4. I served this batch as-is on a plate. I then made a second, mushroom-less batch, and served it with some fat-free sour cream and salsa on low-fat tortillas. Mmm… burritos!

Enjoy! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Lowfat Rice, Beans, & Mushrooms

  1. We usually have some derivative of beans and rice once a week, and mushrooms are a great addition! It’s inspired me to do sort of a white bean/mushroom/spinach/rice thing. Thanks!

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