Cheater Sloppy Joe


With everything going on in my life lately, comfort food is where it’s at. I’d temporarily lost my sweeth tooth, so this has meant a cornucopia of savory, stick to your ribs kinds of meals. As winter demonstrates its last show of power, this is the kind of food that will help keep things warm and cozy.

I’ve long been chasing the memory of cafeteria-style Sloppy Joes. Oh, I know it’s not haute cuisine or anything, but it’s a warm fuzzy, nonetheless. This time around, I cut corners a smidge, but eventually landed on the elusive taste I’d been searching for. Served with nutritionally deficient fluffy hamburger buns, this was the answer to the memory.

Oh, and I should note that I typically abhor recipes that are no more than “hey, open a can of whatever”, but I feel I’ve manipulated this enough that it deserved its own little shout-out.


Cheater Sloppy Joes:

1 can sloppy joe sauce

Field Roast meatloaf

caramelized onions

balsamic vinegar

black pepper


burger buns


1. Dump sauce into saucepan and heat up

2. Put 1/2 the “meatloaf” loaf in food processor. Brown in fry pan.

3. Add “meatloaf” to sauce. Stir in.

4. Add onions to sauce. (You should probably reheat them first. I didn’t think of this and regretted it later.)

5. Sprinkle in black pepper and oregano to taste.

6. Pour in balsamic vinegar to taste. (I didn’t use that much- maybe a tablespoon at the most. Also, the picture was taken before I added in the balsamic, because I didn’t think of adding it until the first day of leftovers.)

7. Stir and leave on stovetop as long as you like. (I didn’t leave it on very long- just enough to heat it up- because I was only using one serving and storing the rest).

8. Serve on burger bun.


Enjoy! πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “Cheater Sloppy Joe

    • Thanks! LOL, yes, Sloppy Joes are really mostly served to children- with ground beef instead of the seitan. It’s not a high-class meal by any stretch. But, they are yummy and pretty easy to make, so it was a bit of an indulgence πŸ™‚

  1. YOU’RE BACK!!! I’m so glad – every time I clicked through to your site, it took me to some craziness what was definitely not your site! Yay!

  2. Being a Belgian, I never tasted a sloppy joe before let alone from a can!
    Your vegetarian version sounds more appealing to me! Is there seitan in there?

    • There is! It’s the Field Roast brand “meatloaf”: The seasonings in it worked out perfectly! Not sure if they have Field Roast in Belgium, but maybe you can figure out which seasonings to add to homemade seitan from their ingredients list.

      For the sauce, search for “Sloppy Joe Recipe”. You should be able to either season a canned tomato sauce, or make a traditional Sloppy Joe sauce from scratch using those as a guide.

      I hope this helps! It really is just a sloppy sandwich for kids, but I think they’re yummy! πŸ™‚

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