Garlic Knots


I’ve professed my love for garlic knots before on this blog. Unfortunately, those garlic knots, while delicious, came from a galaxy far, far away, and were thus unable to satisfy my immediate craving.

I did a little research and came upon two pretty workable recipes: this one and this one. Despite famous chef’s famous reputation, I wasn’t crazy about the layout of the first recipe. I referred to the second one for its visuals and options.

Over time, I’ve come to appreciate anything that makes a recipe more accessible to an everyday audience. Lately, it has become even more important that I am able to create meals based on what’s around. If something’s worth it, in the future, I will likely seek it out. But if I can’t make it from what I have lying around, right now, I’m just not interested.

I’m also modifying less as I find more recipes that are workable as written. I already have a pizza dough recipe that I like (KitchenAid manual shout-out). I mostly used that recipe for these knots and a pizza. For the knots, there was a flour mixture I stored months ago that I started with. I then continued on, as per the recipe. I also overheated the warm water before mixing it into the yeast. Consequently, the relative lack of rise in the knots compared to the rise in the pizza is noticeable.

(Updated pizza post next week, but for now, check out the older version!)

As far as the choosing your own adventure aspect went, on the whole it was successful. But, as with those books, there is always curiosity about the road not taken. I used parchment paper to line the cookie sheets, which meant the bottom of the knots were darker and crispier than the tops. The other option is to grease the sheets, which I may try next time. I didn’t have a pastry brush handy, so I went a little overboard with the olive oil. The toppings were very similar, though one recipe suggested Pecorino Romano, which I love, but didn’t have, so I substituted with Parmesan in a base of faux butter and frozen parsley.

When knotting them, I went for half-sizing the pieces. I’m not sure if I will go that route next time or not. …Must leave some decisions for later, you know…

Best Enjoyed Fresh! 🙂


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