Deep Dish Pizza


This was the first time I made pizza from near-scratch, and not bragging, it was delicious.

The recipe for the dough came from the KitchenAid Stand Mixer manual. Their picture didn’t look like a deep-dish crust to me, but so much the better. (It may also be because I’d slightly altered the recipe by adding a touch more water to the dough, because it was still too dry to form into a ball.) In any case, I was thrilled with their recipe and will be using it again sometime. Mine looks a touch underdone compared to theirs and to the usual “golden crust”, but you know what? I loved it!

The sauce wasn’t sauce at all, but diced plum tomatoes with some basil. Store-bought, because I had it around, this particular kind had only the tomatoes and basil in it, and nothing bizarre added to the ingredient list.

The slices were fresh mozzarella, obviously.

The small cubes of cheese were smoked Gouda, just for a little something special. Obviously, they didn’t melt, and honestly were not needed, as cute as they were. Next time, I will probably leave them off.

The onion/mushroom mixture was cooked up by my lovely girlfriend, and though she has described that magic to me, I have yet to master it.

To finish it off, I just added a touch of oregano and garlic powder, since the basil was already in the sauce.



6 thoughts on “Deep Dish Pizza

  1. Hi! Nice to “meet” you – I have attempted to make that Kitchen Aid Manual pizza dough approximately 32 times, and not one single time has it ever turned out as beautifully as yours. Not once. I keep claiming it’s the barometric pressure or something, but I might have to cop to the fact that I’m doing some wrong.

    Also, do you do anything to your mozzarella? Every time I use fresh mozz, it leaks like the dickens and makes my dough soggy, soggy, soggy. I’m starting to think our local pizza joint is sabotaging me πŸ™‚

    • Hi! Thanks so much for the lovely complement! πŸ™‚

      I sprung for the fancy “bread flour”. I guess that helped, but you’ll notice mine looks nothing like theirs. Not that I’m complaining, because yum, but maybe it’s not so replicate-able?

      The mozzarella wasn’t packed in water, and I think that probably helped. If it were, I would have tried patting it down with a paper towel first. Have you ever tried that, and has it helped?

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