So, what was in that? Salsa

Salsa in Bowl

I like salsa, but have never made it. So, I played around until salsa happened, without measuring or taking notes.Β 


So, what was in that? Salsa


4 Roma tomatoes

some vine-ripened tomatoes

some leftover prepped peppers (about a cup)

a bushel of cilantro

2 scallions, diced

some minced garlic

some garlic powder

some dried oregano?

some dried parsley



About 3 of the Romas were diced, the rest were processed. The peppers & cilantro were also processed. Mix it all up until you are happy with the spices. This was stored & served cold with Sweets & Beets.



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  1. I love all the question marks, glad it was yummy – I’d highly recommend some fresh squeezed lime juice next time you make it – I love lime in my salsa!

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