When life gives you tomatoes, stuff them!

Stuffed Tomato

Through the generosity of Mother Nature and her minions, I had way too many tomatoes this week, which admittedly, is not actually a problem. I love tomatoes with a firey passion unmatched by any other vegetable, and everyone in my life knows this, which is how I ended up with a bowl full of them.

I love tomatoes. I love cheese. I love bread crumbs. So, there you have it.

I’d forgotten where I first saw the recipe, so I used my google-fu and found this one. I’m not a regular reader there, and dislike the ads on the source site. But the layout was easy to navigate, the recipe more or less matched what I had available, and I really appreciated how easy these were to make.

The only problem was the guilt I felt gutting my beautiful tomatoes. It was Linus on Halloween all over again…


Stuffed Tomatoes

Ingredient Modifications:

4 medium tomatoes to 3 medium tomatoes and one large tomato.

My bread crumbs are Italian style.

Butter to faux light butter.

Fresh basil to about an inch of dried basil I was trying to use up.

Monterey Jack to I had mozzarella already shredded, what would you do?

1/2 teaspoon of salt to I don’t like that much salt, so three grinds should be plenty.

Added about 1/2 cup of nutritional yeast, some Italian seasoning, some Romano, & 1 teaspoon minced garlic to the filling. I think 1/2 teaspoon of garlic next time will be enough. I like garlic & don’t mind garlic breath, but this was a bit much.

I did not use the pulp and didn’t miss it.

No pretty garnish because I didn’t have it and yes, this bothers me.


Preparation Modifications:

I sprayed the inside and outside with olive oil because I really like olive oil and was also a little worried these might burn.

10 minutes to 20 minutes because mine were still cold after 10 minutes.




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