The Creative Kitchen Challenge… Sort Of: Supportive Sandwich

Egg White Sandwich

This post is inspired by The Creative Kitchen Challenge, the brainchild of Things My Belly Likes. For more info, please check out her post, which explains everything in full detail. Every day this week, M-F, she will be cooking with ingredients that weird her out. She has invited anyone interested to join in on the fun! In her words:

“You should do one thing that scares you every day (according to the late, great Eleanor Roosevelt). Today I’m challenging all the food bloggers, cooks and epicurists out there to cook one thing that scares them every day. Well, every day for a week at least…”

Her challenge couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve just been told that I need to start cooking with ingredients that scare me… or, that I haven’t used before, which also scares me. Eggs weird me out the most. I can pretend they aren’t there when I eat cake, pasta, and bread, because they are baked in and generally don’t provoke stomach problems. But, when I try to rock an egg-centric recipe, my stomach protests. Is it an allergy? An intolerance? What is it? I asked the nutritionist about it, & she recommended egg whites, asserting it’s not an allergy. I remained unconvinced. But, banking on the fact that she’s trained in this stuff and I’m not, I decided to try them at home, where I felt safe enough to experiment with this sort of thing.

So, fear factor? Check.

Cooked by you? Uncheck. While the sandwich is, in fact, homeade, I didn’t make it. This is what I’m calling my supportive sandwich, because it was made special for me as a show of support during this scary adventure.

What’s in it? You can tell this was made with me in mind. Just look at that beautiful toasted Italian roll. Then, there’s the little bit of cheddar mixed in with the egg whites, and some green bell pepper and mushroom, topped with a little black pepper. Yum!

Verdict: Taste-wise: delicious. Digestion: To be determined.


6 thoughts on “The Creative Kitchen Challenge… Sort Of: Supportive Sandwich

    • I’m so glad I could make you laugh with this! 🙂 I will probably end up taking you up on that wonderful challenge a little late, but at least I could offer some support! The sandwich was amazing, but I’m still a little weirded out by eggs in general. Nobody’s perfect 😉

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