Quorn Nugget Prep

Quorn Nuggets

As we’ve already established, I am not paid to say nice things about Quorn. They don’t even send me samples… not that I wouldn’t love some. This is just my humble opinion, nothing more.

I’m not a huge fan of processed foods. Most of my meals are vegetable-based, and I only rely on processed foods to supplement what I already have going on: for example, boxed pasta or rice to go with my veggies.

But, Quorn is a protein, and I need protein. It is not on my list of allergens, and I like the taste. The nuggets were pretty tough to find years ago, but you should be able to find them anywhere now, if you’re so inclined. Out of all the products they make, the nuggets have been the easiest for me to locate. (Though sometimes they are in strange locations- like next to the Grover waffles…)


Quorn Nugget Prep:

Rule #1 of cooking with Quorn: Ignore the directions. Really, just take the box and recycle it. (Now, keep in mind, this is my opinion. You might like what they have to say. I don’t.) Microwaving the nuggets makes them too flexible- not a good consistency. Baking them results in a passable, but mediocre, experience. You need to fry them in good olive oil. Do not skimp on this, because that’s what makes it work.



Large fry pan

A fork



Quorn nuggets

Spray Olive Oil

Bottled Olive Oil



Step 1: Spray pan with olive oil (This can be the cheap stuff).

Step 2: Place nuggets in fry pan.

Step 3: Lightly coat the nuggets with good extra virgin olive oil from the bottle. Turn them over  using fork & repeat. Be careful you don’t drown them- just a nice coating.

Step 4: Fry them on medium heat. Turn them over when necessary.

Step 5: They will be done when they look like the above. It usually takes 5-10 minutes. The breading will be nice and crispy. Place on paper towel to absorb excess oil before serving.




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