Veggie’s Virtual Vegan Salad

Virtual Vegan Potluck

The Virtual Vegan Potluck is a virtual potluck that connects like-minded foodies and bloggers for a worldwide eating and drinking celebration! Recipes will be listed in order of course, starting with appetizers and progressing through to delicious desserts, with links provided throughout. Thanks to An Unrefined Vegan for organizing this event!

I love a good salad, usually for lunch, and often with dinner. When I compose a salad, I strive for visual appeal, along with the obvious taste. I prefer dark greens for their nutritional value as well as visual appeal. I prefer tomatoes from a roadside stand over hothouse tomatoes any day. Most of my vegetables come from stands or farmers’ markets, and I make the salad the same day or next. It really does make a difference in the freshness, and freshness is key to an enjoyable salad. I also love Italian food, so my salads tend to reflect that influence.

Making this salad was crazy and fun and may make it into another post someday. I had most of the ingredients I wanted, but needed a few things to supplement. By the time I’d finished prepping and shopping and tossing, it was a circus, but an enjoyable one! Once you’ve read my post, please check out the other wonderful bloggers who probably were running around their kitchens just as much as I was! Enjoy the potluck!



Veggie’s Virtual Vegan Salad:



Bowls: huge, medium, and small

Storage container

Salad tongs or hands or whatever works

Cutting board & knife



Fresh Basil (One bushel)

Romaine Lettuce (One head)

Fresh Spinach (One bushel)

Scallions (4 stems)

Button Mushrooms (One box)

2 Plum Tomatoes

Red Bell Pepper

Yellow Bell Pepper

1/4 oz. Fresh Oregano

Dried Oregano Flakes

Garlic Powder

Extra Virgin Olive OIl

Balsamic Vinegar



Prep: *I hand sliced the mushrooms, hand diced the peppers, and stored them ahead of time. You may want to do this, it’s a good time saver!* Wash the leafy greens, remove leaves from stems, and pat leaves dry with paper towels. Put ugly but usable leaves in separate pile for later. (Note to self: Do not buy questionable basil!) Use the darker romaine leaves for this, and separate out the lighter ones for later. (This is not really necessary, but I had a certain visual in mind, and the lighter leaves didn’t fit in with that vision).


1. Put leaves in huge bowl.

2. Slice scallions & add to leaves. Toss everything around to get a good mixture.

3. Put peppers and mushrooms in medium bowl. Stir. Add to huge bowl. Stir.

4. Slice tomatoes. Set aside.

5. Put some olive oil in small bowl. Add oregano and garlic powder. Stir. Add a dash of balsamic vinegar. Stir. Dump tomatoes in small bowl. Coat them with the mixture. Stir.

6. Dump tomato mixture into huge bowl. Stir, making sure to coat everything with the dressing.

7. Serve some and store the rest in your container. Just don’t store past a day, or it will start to get mushy. To avoid this, keep the dressing and tomatoes separate until you are ready to eat. Pairs well with Daiya shreds (vegan) or Smoked Gouda shreds (vegetarian) and any Italian dish.



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  2. This is such a fresh and healthy addition to the potluck – I am needing it right now 😀
    Great job and thanks for subscribing to my blog – look forward to seeing your posts 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

  3. I really need to visit my fresh market soon. I live so close to one that takes place on the weekend and I never take advantage of getting fresh veg. Thanks for giving me a good reason to go!

  4. Ooo thanks for the tip on the basil, I’m sure it makes a world of a difference.

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