Cheesy Bagels

Cheddar bagel with tomato, scallions, and cheese

I made these the other day for lunch. Boy, were they good! This is another fast & easy one.

Cheesy Bagels:

1. Set oven to Broil/HI.

2. Line a cake pan with foil. (Unless you *like* cleaning cheese goop. If so, party on!)

3. Spray pan with olive oil. (Best invention EVER.)

4. Slice your cheddar bagel in half horizontally. (Be careful. A good friend of mine once took part of his finger off with a bagel knife. True story.)

5. Process some Campari tomatoes until they turn into mush. (This always makes me think of that scene in Goonies. RIP Anne Ramsey.)

6. Process about 3 scallions but only enough to chop them. (Or just cut them with a knife. I was on a roll with the processor that day.)

7. Shred some cheese. I used provolone and american, I think, with a touch of smoked gouda.

8. First, place the tomato mush on your bagel, then the scallions, then the pile of cheese.

9. Add some romano from the shaker and some nutritional yeast to the top of the pile. I may have also used basil, oregano, and garlic. Yummy!

10. Place in oven/broiler and keep an eye on them. I loved the little brown overcooked patches, but if I’d been much later, these would have been full-on burnt.