Bell Pepper Prep


Peppers in Fry Pan

This is another staple. Multicolored bell peppers and onions.

Peppers are one of those things I can’t eat too many of at once. What you are looking at is several days worth of peppers for me. I like to do this to save time, but also for preservation purposes. Fresh veggies just don’t seem to last long enough to weather the whims of taste and desire.

I love the color and texture of bell peppers. They have such a satisfying crunch, and a sweetness to the red ones. I even love the shape. They are like little little edible sculptures. Their twists and turns remind me of the human body. I see why still life artists love to paint them. Sometimes I throw in a little onion, sometimes not. The onion gives it an extra dimension texturally and taste-wise, which works well on sandwiches. I never make just one color. Part of the beauty and enjoyment for me is admiring how the colors and tastes play off of one another. Mrs. Dash really just enhances the flavor, rounding it out.

Easy Peppers:

1. Dice the peppers using a cutting board and knife. I like to cut them with the inside facing downward. I don’t know if that’s the proper way to do it, but  I learned the hard way that otherwise you end up with pepper juice in your eye. No thanks.

2. Then, coat the pan with spray olive oil, and place the peppers in. Usually, I fill the pan with peppers. Really, to do this properly, I think it’s best to stick with one layer. But, in practice, I generally have two or three layers, and it works just fine, as long as you remember to stir them. (I don’t remember how many peppers I used in the photograph, but it’s nothing to stress over).

3. Then, coat the peppers with bottled extra virgin olive oil, and sprinkle with Mrs. Dash. Sometimes I use too much oil, which will definitely result in pepper juice/oil in your pan, so watch for that. Remember, you want to coat them, not drown them. But if you do, just strain when you’re finished, and save it for another project.

4. Fry over medium heat, remembering to stir. High would do, as well, but then you have to watch for oil splattering. Have you ever had oil splatter on your arms? It stings. You don’t want that.

*Neat little trick: I tend to undercook them a little, and then seal them up to let them steam afterwards. It’s yummy, and often makes more pepper juice for later.


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  1. Great idea! I had never thought of the shape of bell peppers like that before, I tend to overcook them so taking them out a little early is something I really need to do. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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