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To share my recipes, pictures, and insights, providing those living with food allergies and choosing vegetarianism an alternative perspective. I may later expand this vision. Post Frequency: About once a week.

About Me:

I have been a vegetarian for over a decade, and have negotiated food allergies my entire life. Most of my allergies are to foods typical of a vegetarian diet, such as soy and nuts. I am still on a journey to discover nutritional balance, so I make no claims there. But as far as taste goes, I have found these negotiations inspire my creativity in a way that an open diet could never do. For years, I have answered the question: “Well, what do you eat?”. Sometimes it’s well-intentioned, sometimes not. I have experienced the gamut of responses to my diet- from accepting the challenge, to mild curiosity, to outright hostility. But at the end of the day, learning to prepare enjoyable meals for myself has brought me joy in a way I never thought possible. I hope to share my joy with you through this blog.

Disclaimer/Legal Stuff:

I am neither chef nor nutritionist, and make no claims at expertise in the kitchen. I share for the enjoyment it brings me, and nothing more. In other words, this blog is for entertainment purposes only. Always consult your doctor or nutritionist for expert advice. Should you attempt the recipes, you do so at your own risk. All comments will be moderated. I reserve the right to ignore/delete/report comments at my discretion. There may be delays in posting both guest comments and blog entries. I may post links to other blogs. I am not responsible for posts on these blogs. If you take issue with something posted either here or elsewhere, you have the choice not to continue reading. Everything on this site is copyrighted material. Do not repost or reprint without permission. I am generally a nice person, but if you irritate me, I will ban you. My blog, my rules.

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